Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Ivy League of Physical Comedy


Hey everyone! Those of you who read my blog entry The Power of Laughter know how highly I think of Joel Jeske. He's my collaborator/co writer on Alice...in Wonderland - believe me, I do not decide to co write with someone lightly. I've only done so twice in my life (see Guide To Collaboration) and would only do so with someone I think is truly exceptional, and brilliant. And Joel is. 

Many people have asked me where they can study the kind of physical comedy/clowning I've discussed in some of my entries. Well - here's your opportunity! (And for straight actors, musical theater performers, singers, dancers - this would be awesome for you too!) 

Joel, along with Mark Lonergan - artistic director of the Drama Desk nominated Parallel Exit, will be teaching a fantastic comedy master class the first two weeks of April. 

Here's all the info. And please follow Parallel Exit on Facebook to stay in the loop on their future classes.

                                                 PARALLEL EXIT’S 
                                               COMEDY ACADEMY 

With your trusty professors: Joel Jeske and Mark Lonergan
From Cirque du Soleil, Big Apple Circus, Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey!
Come to play. Come to learn. Come to be funny.
COMEDY ACADEMY is the Ivy League of physical comedy! Open to all levels!
Through eight unique classes you will gain practical knowledge and technique that WILL make you funnier as you develop and perfect your own performance, material, character, and style. 
Parallel Exit, the Drama Desk-Nominated physical comedy experts, blend classic and modern styles into performances that have sold out around the world.            
Actors: Find the physical “hook” for your audition and infuse scene work with human nature and humor.
Singers: Find the touch of humor that allows you to access emotion and expression in music.
Improvisers: Discover a physical element that brings a new dimension to your work.
Writers: Writers: Discover new-found depth by adding physicality to your work.
Variety Artists: Gain inspiration and further develop material and your unique character.
New to comedy: COMEDY ACADEMY is the supportive environment to gain your comedy confidence.
Attend one class or all eight. Take the class every night or skip a day or two. 
April 1, 2, 3*, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11
Location: 520 8th Avenue (btwn. 36th and 37th St.) 3rd floor (*April 3: Location to be announced.)
1 class            $75
4 class FlexPass            $250
8 class FlexPass            $500
CLICK http://comedyacademy.bpt.me TO SIGN UP TODAY!
Work with experts who can get “laughs by simply breathing!”